Paneer Phool for Diabetes

Paneer phool with botanical name Withania coagulans (Hindi: Paneer phool पनीरफूल) are cultivated in several regions of Indian subcontinent, economically they are significant because of their extensive use in Ayurveda. Paneer Phool helps in controlling diabetes by promoting insulin secretion in the right amount and helping in recovery of damaged beta cells of pancreas.

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Benefits of Paneer Phool

Along with diabetes Paneer Phool are also useful in treatment of insomnia, regulation of metabolism, asthama, stress and anxiety disorders, asthma etc.

They are also helpful in treating obesity and cardiac problems.

How Paneer Phool helps in managing Diabetes

In pancreas Beta cells are cells that makes insulin, a hormone that controls the level of glucose (simple sugar) in the blood stream. In type 1 diabetes, the body’s immune system mistakenly starts destroying the beta cells hence making it difficult to manufacture insulin.

Paneer Phool is antihyperglycemic (agents that lowers glucose level) in nature helps in healing beta cells of pancreas and encourages production of insulin.

If Paneer Phool is taken in right amount everyday then it could effectively helps in managing disrupted sugar levels in the blood.

How to use Paneer Phool for maximum effects

  • Take around 6-7 Paneer Phool for pre-diabetic and 12-15 for diabetic.
  • Soak them in around 250ml of water over night.
  • In the morning crush the Phools inside the water then filter it and drink the filtrate empty stomach.
  • Don’t eat or drink anything else for atleast 1 hour.


Dosages depends upon various factors, such as whether the person is on other medications or not or whether the person is mild diabetic or high diabetic, sugar should be continuously monitored with glucometer while using Paneer Phool.

Although Paneer Phool have little or no side effects it should be used with cautions under experts supervision.

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