Delta Plus variant transmissible even with a very short encounter with Covid patients, says AIIMS chief Randeep Guleria

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AIIMs director Randeep Guleria said the new Delta Plus variant of Covid-19 first seen in Europe is extremely transmissible, and even a encounter of very short period with a covid patient may spread the infection.

“This is being studied by INSACOG, a network of labs undertaking genomic sequencing in India and we will know if vaccines are effective against this variant or not,”

Randeep Guleria

The Indian government yesterday announced that 22 cases of Delta Plus variant have been detected in India.

However Randeep Guleria also added that the spread of Delta Plus variant is still very limited and precautions is to be taken.

What is Delta Plus variant of Corona ?

Delta Plus variant was first discovered in Europe in March of this year, but was brought into public eyes in June only.

The Delta variant of corona (B.1.617.2) has further gone into mutation to form the Delta Plus (AY.1) variant.

Mutations in viruses are random and very fast, and this process of mutation is inevitable.

As there are very few researches, virologists are still looking to find more about this new variant, whether existing vaccine may be able to encounter this new variant or not.

Based on current understandings it is found out that this variant is highly infection, the new evolved virus have combination of features from other past variant, but still nothing can be said right now whether Delta Plus various may cause a third wave in India or not.

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