Viral Manali Photos: Is India getting closer to a third wave ?

Two months ago India was witnessing around 400,000 cases of Corona every day. The tragedy took thousands of lives, it was reported that around 800 doctors lost their lives in the second wave.

Yet, people didnโ€™t took any lessons from the past. And pictures of crowded markets allegedly from Manali, Himachal Pradesh went viral as travelers rushed hill stations in a chance to get away from the rising temperatures across various states in India. See below:

Manaliโ€™s Alarming Photos: Are we close to a third-wave ?

ICMR had already said that the third-Covid is inevitable. Due to which some people fear that lockdown-like restrictions may be imposed if the third wave of coronavirus strikes the nation. So many people decided to use this opportunity to visit some places.

Still now India is witnessing 40,000 cases and around 700 death everyday. Although the third wave is 100% to strike but it was predicted to come in October, till which India could have achieved around 40% of vaccination. And vaccine do help in achieving herd immunity and preventing waves, for example like in USA, 70% people are vaccinated which nearly ended Covid there.

But these crowded trips of people can be proved to be a complete disaster. It can speed up the process and bring the 3rd-wave as soon as possible.

โ€œOver 10,000 vehicles crossed Parwanoo towards Shimla over the weekend. Hotels, home stays are all packed to capacity even in remote corners of Shimla and Kinnaur,โ€

Himanshu Mishra

We are still unprepared, both physically and mentally, the only photos more scaring then that of the Manaliโ€™s were those of covid-19 suffering people, doctors, nurses etc. If we donโ€™t take proper measures now then surely in the upcoming month it is going to be very difficult.

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