5 must have WordPress plugins for your blog

Looking for the best WordPress plugins to take your blog to the next level in 2021?

There are over 60,000 WordPress plugins that you can choose from. This makes it extremely difficult for new bloggers to find the right plugin for their website.

Here we are going to discuss top 5 must have plugins for your WordPress that will make your blog more productive and more easy to use, and will decrease your bounce rate to a very great extent.


“All in one SEO” is a very powerful SEO tool, you might be thinking why I am recommending AISEO instead of Yoast SEO ? Yoast SEO is very famous among new bloggers, when someone new put their feet in blogging they first and foremost download the Yoast SEO, but in the long term they soon will realize that Yoast SEO is not as good as it is hyped. On the other hand although AIOSEO is not marketed well as the Yoast SEO but it is far more better belief me. It has lots of free features which comes in premium Yoast SEO. Some of them are:

WordPress plugins
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WP Forms

If you don’t have a contact page on your blog then it will be very difficult for you to get AdSense or any other advertising company approval. Contact page is also important to get brand deals, sponsorship, paid post deals etc. and in the contact page if you don’t have a form, it will take all professionalism from your blog. WP Forms helps you building beautiful and very responsive forms using simple drag and drop techniques, some of its other features include:

WordPress plugins
Image Credits: wpforms

OneSignal Push Notifications

New blogs get few views in the beginning but you want to make sure that the few people visited should come to your blog again as you drop a new post, then OneSignal plugin will the task. It is a push notification plugin that can make your viewers subscribe to your blog and as soon as you post a new article they will get a notification and might visit your blog again. Some of the features offered by OneSignal are:

WordPress plugins
Image Credits: OneSignal

Site kit by Google

It is a all in one site kit plugin developed by Google, it include features like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google PageSpeed Insights, Adsense etc. With this site kid you need not to login on different platforms of Google again, you get all the Google features in one place, it makes helps in preserving your time.

WordPress plugins
Image Credits: Google

Sassy Social Share

How may times you come a very good article and shared that with your friends ? There are two ways of sharing a blog article either copy the link and paste in the messaging app then send or share it directly to which ever platform you want to share from the different share button from the blog itself. The second method is the most efficient, fast and user-friendly, it increases the chances of your articles to be shared. Sassy Social Share enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit, Parler, Gab and over 100 more social sharing and bookmarking services.

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