Top 5 web series to watch before the end of 2021

With so many shows and web series coming out of Netflix and other platforms, it’s only understandable that some get under the radar. But make sure you watch them before 2021 ends !

A massive reason behind many shows getting unnoticed is the fact that they were short-lived. However, that does not mean that they are automatically bad. In fact, there are many tremendous shows that sadly suffered this fate.

Here we are going to discuss top 5 web series that are worth watching in 2021, some are so deep and complex that you might watch every episode twice to fully understand.

1. Dark

dark web series
Image Credits: Netflix

DARK is Arguably the Greatest Science-Fiction Series ever made in the History of Online Series till date. Set in a German town, where the disappearance of two young children exposes the relationships among four families. It is all about time travel and it’s paradoxes like Predestination Paradox, Bootstrap Paradox, Loopholes, Quantum entanglement, and many more. There are total 3 season, it is a very intriguing & mind-bending sci-fi mystery. If you have not watched Dark then you have watched nothing.

2. End of the fucking world

end of the fucking world web series
Image Credits: Netflix

This is a very strange series, it is a very different kind of love story, its romance without the sex, drugs, or cliche drama that is in most shows that cast teen actors. Its refreshing to watch something that doesn’t paint a teenager as an idiot or some spoiled child. Instead as people with real thoughts that can cut deep. Well done and has you hoping for more, but ends satisfyingly with an almost tearful point.

3. Orange is the New Black

orange is the new black web series
Image Credits: Netflix

OITNB is a mix drama, set inside a minimum security prison. The series cover the life of women from various sector of the society serving their sentences. The series have lots of ups and downs, some episodes will make you laugh while other can make you emotional. There are 7 season of this series, it is a must watch show.

4. Breaking Bad

breaking bad web series
Image Credits: Netflix

Once you start watching Breaking Bad from Season 1, it will feel a bit slow but gradually as the story progresses, it becomes strongly addictive just like any drug. The show starts with a fun family guy Walter White, a chemistry teacher in high school, who later discovers he have cancer and have few years to live. So Walter decided to secure a good future for his family he has to step into the drug market. Using his chemistry skills he starts making drugs in his van to sell in the underworld. The way character of Walter White develops over the seasons from being a normal Chemistry Prof to Drug Lord at the end is commendable. You need to watch this show if you wanna experience something new.

5. Sex Education

sex education web series
Image Credits: Netflix

Sex education is not a series but a experience. Otis (Asa Butterfield), the son of a sex therapist, and his gang of friends, including GBF Eric (Ncuti Gatwa) and Maeve (Emma Mackey), who with Otis starts a sex therapy clinic at school to make some fast money by resolving common sex problems among teenagers. What results is a surprisingly aware and, extremely funny and informative at times, things about sex that more than a few grown-ups could learn from.

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