10 Essential dorm things for a College Freshman

I remember my freshman year at my college, the very first time I went away my from home and my family to start a very different life in the new city.

Packed, so called “dorm essentials”, pillow, bed sheets, personal care things and few more necessaries. My dorm was a twin share, I really enjoyed few days with my new roommate, but something was missing, I knew that. Dorm is not only about pillows and bedsheets, common we are taking about a college student in the 21st century, so I decided to add some extra stuff, and I can totally assure you that, those new things totally changed my dorm life, few of which I will be discussing here:

Amazon Alexa device

College life is full of stresses, assignments, tests, lectures etc., a student often need to plan his/her day, but sometimes you becomes so lethargic that you might feel too tired to write your daily routine in your phone or diary which ever you use, that’s why Alexa will be a complete game changer device here, and I can assure this device will be one of your best investments.

Alexa is a smart artificial device, it’s just like say, Google assistant. Planning your day, to playing study music, setting alarm to scheduling your reminders, everything is super easy you just need to say Alexa, then whatever you want it to do. It’s different than your phone assistant because it has omnidirectional microphone which can listen you from any part of the room and even if you whispers. Alexa devices are super affordable, starting only from 34.99$.

Smart Alexa Color Bulb

Smart color bulb is one of the most interesting thing to have in a dorm, these bulbs directly connect to your Alexa device, you can control this bulb only by speaking through Alexa, now no need to get off from you bed to switch off or on the lights. You can also set auto timers in these bulbs to switch on and off at a particular time, or if you forget to turn off them while leaving your dorm you can off them using the Alexa app from your smartphones. As said these bulbs change color, when you come from your college exhausted you can set the color of your bulb according to your preference and listen to music using Alexa, belief me these bulbs are stress busters.

Shower Caddy

Yet a simple but one of the most important essentials for your dorm life, and specially if you have roommates. I am little conservative about my things, so having this personal shower caddy was a blessing for me, all my hair products, lotions, body and face wash perfectly fits into this shower caddy and I have no worries about my room partner using my products because you can keep this caddy easily in your drawer.


Man, I personally have faced a lot of problems hanging my clothes in the dorm, and these dorms don’t come with enough hangers and hooks to accommodate even the daily wear of a single person. You should always pack pairs of extra hooks before shifting to your dorm.

Power Strip

Don’t underestimate the “power” of a power strip, dorms don’t come with a lots of power points, and these days students have a lots of gadgets and it makes it impossible for them if they wanna charge more then one device. Since you’re bound to have many devices to charge, it’s best to bring some backup.

Coffee Maker

From studies and college to work, there is far too much to do in college. This is why many students turn to drinking coffee in the dorm for cheap extra energy to get going. A dorm coffee maker is ideally affordable, super compact fits anywhere, and runs using water and coffee packets.

Travel Mug

When you make the coffee but have no time to drink it in your dorm in the traditional mug because you are late for your lecture then here the travel mug will come into your rescue. These mugs are very handy and are vacuum insulated to keep your cold and hot drinks as it is, a must have dorm essential.

Sleep Mask

My roommate’s and my time for sleep never matches, like at night I sleep early but my partner is a night owl, he studies late night with proper lighting, which really annoys my sleep, but having a sleep mask now solves all my problem. Now he can study as much as he can at night and the lights now never disturbs my sleep.

Reading Pillow

I can only praise this bed pillow. It gives me perfect hold when sitting up in bed it’s really super comfortable affordable, and perfect for dorm rooms students who like studying on bed and it will not hurt your back, keeps you really good supported not as the other bed pillows that I tried that stiffs my back and traditional pillows also lost their stability and form after only a couple of days.

Electric Hot Pot

Eclectic hot pot will be a very valuable addition to your dorm life, you can prepare instant noodles, omelets, pasta very easily with this electric pot without needing any gas fuel because its full electric. It come with a wattage rating of 600W which will help you prepare your mid night means in a couple of minutes.

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