How my friend makes 300$/ Month, As a Newbie blogger In Just after 3 months

I was always interested in starting my own blog, I have a unique writing style which attracted around 1 million readers across Quora and Medium.

I never knew before starting, that bloggings also pays, a good amount if you do it seriously, it motivated me even more, to come to this field and treat it like a profession.

There are many examples of people who started earning from their blog early, one of them is my personal friend, Anthony, 26.

Here I will be discussing about his blog and strategies he followed, which boosted his monthly page views and gave him quick success that generates $300 per month of blog income in just after 3 months.

Affiliate is the Key

Let’s face a fact, when you start a new blog it’s extremely difficult to get traffic in the first few months, doesn’t matter if you are a part of any big Facebook group in which you can share your links and get traffic. And even if you starts getting daily traffic then for converting that traffic into money you will be needing a good advertising company, like AdSense or Medicine.

Getting AdSense or Mediavine approval with a new blog with few thousands (<20000) pageviews/month is not easy, only lucky people get it. Anthony got AdSense approval in the 4th month of Blogging, and now also most of his income is though affiliate marketing only. Affiliate pays heck more than any native advertisement, even as high as 10x more!

If you are coming into blogging to just make bucks, then never focus on getting AdSense or Mediavine approval, starts putting affiliate links all across your post.

Few good affiliate companies that pays good amount on action taken are:

  • Bluehost
  • SEMRush
  • Hostgator

Ditch Google and Focus on Pinterest SEO

This is the number one mistake that every newbie blogger do, as told by Anthony. Aceing Google SEO is extremely difficult and need atleast 1yr of experience, Google algorithms focuses on many things in ranking a webpage, the most important being page-speed. Pinterest on other hand is a different type of search engine, many people underestimate the power of Pinterest.

Pinterest has nothing to do with your hosting plan and hence your slow webpages speed, it only has to do with your pins that you will create for each of your blog post. The most appealing pins are ranked and will at last give you visitors to your blog. Pinterest SEO is quite easy as compared to Google’s, and can be mastered in few couple months, and the most amazing part of Pinterest is its users, which are mostly from USA, Canada and Australia, and traffic from these countries matters a lot in affiliate marketic and native advertisements, purchasing power of people from these countries is much more than compared to other countries.

Always try to focus on Pinterest on your starting months, and even most successful bloggers right now are only using Pinterest as their main source of traffic.

Theme and fonts of the blog really matters

What Anthony told me is that, his bounce rate nearly decreased by 25% when he changed his WordPress theme and font template, choosing a good theme and a good font is very important, bounce rate in any case should not increase more than 60%.

One more thing is that you should never unnecessary bold the words that are of no important emphasis, keywords should be bolded with utmost sincerity, other wise bold words just destroy the user experience and the continuous pace of reading.

First paragraph matters the most

First paragraph not only matter for SEOs but it also matters in general, first paragraph is what which will decide what your bounce rate for that webpage will be. Here you have to be a little bit smart, in the first paragraph you have to do the utmost possible click-baiting.

Not only your article’s objective but also some interesting fact about the topic, one or two question presented in a smart manner should be written to create a sense of excitement in your reader.

Images should be used at proper intervals

Images have power to even make a boring post much engaging and fun. What cant be expressed in words can be said in images, that is the reason Instagram is now the most popular social network suppressing Facebook.

Images in between paragraphs also helps in breaking reader’s attention and gives him a visual break to refresh his mind and start on the next paragraph with a new energy.

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