What newbie bloggers should avoid doing ?

So bought up your first domain and hosting ? Decided your niche ? Ready for a rollercoaster ride ?

Every other successful blogger out there, showcase blogging as a cake walk, after 20 articles bam, you will be earning a heck lot of money, but this is not the case, it happens only rarely that a comple newbie will be making anything after just 1-2 months of blogging.

And following these so called blogging and SEO specialists some people who really wanna come into this field seriously, do a lot of mistakes, that at last they need to quit this field, and at last they have nothing in their hand just expenses.

Here I will be discussing some very important points in the field of blogging that every newbie blogger should avoid doing.

Never go for any webhosting, or hosting promoted by any blogger

You might have seen in your favourite blogger’s “blogging starter pack” that he/she might be promoting you to buy any webhosting, and without also a affliate disclosure policy, these are not genuine but a scam.

They earn a huge profit even as high as 120$/sale making you buy a hosting, they can trick you buy any cheap hosting which will just proved to be a crap for you.

These is only one hosting company right now in the market which has no other competitors, Bluehost, buying any other hosting other than Bluehost will totally be a waste for you, these services are the strongest and the best, don’t even think twice and just go for this hosting.

Size of domain name is very important

You name me any big companies, like Google, Bing, Tesla, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter etc. these is one thing common in all these and several out big companies, the length of their name never exceeds 10 characters.

Domain name is very important in creating your brand value, the smaller and simple your name will be the easy to say and remember it is. Always keep your domain name small and to the point, instead of using a total sentence like domain name.

Always try to use royalty free images

It will take a couple of secs to flag your website using DMCA for copyrighted materials, I have been a victim of this, never ever try to use somebody’s else intellectual property.

There are many good websites where you can easily get royalty free images, like I personally like

Always be conscious about using images otherwise once DMCA is filed, then you will totally loose your website and all of your money used to purchase the hosting will be wasted.

Ignoring SEO for Pinterest traffic

New bloggers often forget about on page SEO or completely ignore in getting traffic from Pinterest, listening to their respective guru bloggers they only focuses on making viral pins on Pinterest to gather traffic.

People often forget about the type of traffic, organic traffic can pay as much as 5x than social media traffic, you should never ignore on page SEO, totally focussing on Pinterest can help you gathering easy traffic but will not be profitable for you in the long run, brand value is created only by organic searches not from inorganic searches.

Writing long paragraphs

Infact every newbie blogger makes this mistake of writing long paragraphs without giving any break.

People just don’t like reading big paragraphs, reading anything in bullet paragraphs is easy, simple and appealing, it also gives appropriate gaps and break to the reading that inturns helps in decreasing your bounce rate.

Not Adding Social Sharing Buttons

Nobody likes copying the link of the article and manually pasting it into different apps, if somebody wanted to share your article and if you don’t have share button then 90% of the time he/she won’t share the article.

You will just loose potential free visitors to your blog, and traffic is money, you will loose money.

Always add share button at appropriate places on your article.

Wanting instant result

Blogging is a long term commitment, here nothing happens in just few months, it took me about 8 months to see any considerate amount of money.

I know, you started blogging seeing your dream blogger’s YouTube video where he/she be showing his/her last month income, in 4 figures. Attaining 4 figures in blogging takes a lot of time and effort, consistency and original content is the key.

Never ever expect instant result here, if you wanna make a instant revenue then get a job, blogging is not the field which will pay considerate amount instantly. But if you be consistence here putting months of hardwork then I can assure you that, blogging can make your heck lot of money.

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