7 ways to know if a guy likes you even if he hides it.

Psychology of a person totally changes when he experiences the strange feeling of love. Whenever he is near you his actions are totally different, even in texting there are certain ways, that can tell if the guy is in love with you.

Unlike talking to each other physically, where you can tell by person’s body language and expression if he is really interested in you, you can’t definitely know what the other person’s feelings are when you be in conversation with him over text messages.

Here we will be discussing top 7 hidden signs in a guy’s text messages which really means he has feelings for you.

1. He reply you instantly

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Whenever you drop in the message and get an instant reply from him then it can be a sign that he might like you.

Getting an instant reply only means that the person really cares about your messages, and replying instantly also gives a chance to initiate a quick conversation, he really don’t wanna miss any chance talking to you.

2. He loves to start conversations

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One of the most important sign in a guy if he is interested in you, he loves starting conversations with you, he will just find stupid reasons to talk you.

You need to observe this behavior of him little seriously, does he always starts the conversation or just wait for you ? Or if you don’t initiate or poke him for a talk, does he tries or put efforts pursuing you to talk to him, then surely he is in love with you.

3. He complements you everyday

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Does it happen, whenever you uploads a new profile picture he is the first one to like and comment, or does he reply you privately adoring or complementing you on your new picture, this can be a sign that he really has feelings for you.

A guy knows that girls like being complimented, he will even find small-small things hidden things in you to compliment you on that you might also not notice in you.

4. His friends knows about you

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A guy only tell about a girl to his friends when he really have some feelings for her, no body will randomly discuss about a person to his/her friends if they don’t care about them.

But he will never confess to his friends about you, rather he might chit-chat about your qualities and several other things, but he will make sure that he never let his feelings about you to come out in front of his friends.

5. He asks a lot of questions about you

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Before confessing his feelings to you he will make sure that he completely knows about you, your likes or dislikes, what type of movies you likes, etc., if he asks a heck lot of questions like these then you can take it as a sure sign that he likes you.

He may ask about your family, friends, future goals etc. and will pay attention to even little-little details about you.

6. He is always there to help you

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Whenever you need any help, whether is might be with your college assignment or any work related issues, and you pinch him a message for help, and he is immediately there to assist you, then he is really in love with you.

In this busy world even the most close ones will also make excuses to avoid you with your task, and if he is always there to help you then he can be one of your secret admirer.

7. Your sub-conscious tells you that he likes you

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This one is quite out of the box, but its rather true, your sub-conscious really gives you signal, like are there times when your hear your phone’s notification and you hope to see a message from him or you unknowingly smiles while chatting with him, if the answer is yes, then there is huge possibility that he likes you know it all.

There might have been times when you might have butterflies in the stomach thinking about whether is in love with you not, trust me these nowhere connections only connects when there is love from the both side, this really proves this boy is certainly in love with you.

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