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How to travel the world with zero Investments ?

Traveling is such a thing that everyone likes, there are very few people who are not interested in traveling and exploring the world at all.

Stress,tension and anxiety everything goes away in a jiffy while traveling, it also helps you discover a new version you, talking to different people, exploring different cultures also helps you experiencing the things that you might be missing your entire life.

But there are many difficulties to live that traveling life, one of them is the problem of money, which is with about 90% of the people, but you do not need to worry, here we have given 5 such hacks, using which you will be able to travel almost anywhere for free.


This method is very interesting, is a service that connects members to a global community of travelers. Use to find a place to stay with the people who are willing to guest you.

Couchsurfing is a free service, and your host will never ask for money from you, nor you should offer them.

Always use hitchhiking

woman in white long sleeve shirt and black pants standing on road during daytime

Now this sometimes can be tough and not everybody have that hitchhiking skill, because convincing a stranger for a lift is not a easy task. But I can assure onece you develope these skills and patience then this can save you a hell lot of money, because taxi rates in some countries are so high that it may alter your budget.

One tip is that make sure to carry enough food and drink if you’re going for a long trip, road stations are bit expensive.

Travel somewhere less expensive

photo of Taj Mahal

Your money will last longer in Thailand than in Saudi Arabia, always choose your destinations wisely if you are travelling on a tight budget. I have already written an article on top 5 cheap and interesting countries to visit in 2021-22.


men and women in a fun run activity

Volunteer trips are getting too much lime light nowadays, and for free traveller it’s a win-win situation from all sides, means you get a space to live and food to eats, and you have to do is volunteer for something, which infact any traveller will like, with volunteering they get to know more about the place, intereract with people and much more.

Become a travel blogger

Travel blogging or vlogging both are very famous among free traveler, it not only take care of their travel expenses but also make them a good profit. Starting a blog is super easy and can be started at a low price of 2$/month. To know more about good hosting plans and benefits of Bluehost hosting click here.

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