7 Secret Signs He Is Interested In You

Boys are very bad at covering their feelings unlike girls, they are more impressive with their emotions. Sometimes in enthusiasm, they give some such secret signs that it is very easy to feel that they like you.

But knowing these secret signals is not so easy, and some of these signals are not even physical, you can see many such signs in text messages also.

Here we have prepared a list of top 7 such signs that will help you knowing if the boy is really interested in you but is not able to confess it directly.

You will always see him around

women and man talking outside the building

This is a psychological tactic that most introverted boys use, the more often he is around you the more chances are of a conversation to be started, but he will always have a backup reason for him being around you, like meeting a imaginary friend.

But often this can be a mistake, like if you both are in the same course in college then you might always find him around you and this is ofcouse normal, but then also these are some behavioural changes, like he might behave more decent and quite when with you and more a extrovert with his other friends, so it’s always recommend that you try to confirm it, and what the most can happen, nothing.

He will always try to showcase his talents

person playing black and white piano

Now this is the most interesting part, one thing is very much clear that girls naturally have more options than boys, you might have also felt it, like in your direct messages there might have been 50+ hi of random boys, but this thing is not with the boys.

So it’s always a tough competition for the boy because he not only has to impress you but also to outstand other boys, and to become the odd of the crowd he will try to showcase his talents whenever possible infront of you, like playing guitar with singing, and who don’t like a boy who plays guitar and sings.

He ask plenty of questions

man and woman sitting in front of silver macbook

Every girl have a different personality, some are more conservative about their views some are more emotional and some are more impressive and fun, and boys clearly knows that, so before making any first strong move towards a relationship, he will try to know the most about you, which can only be done by asking varieties of questions.

You will also find a pattern in the type of questions asked, it always starts with something general, like if he is your classmate generally questions relating to college will come first and as time passes he will try to switch to more personal question, and if he tries to slip a question about your past realtionship then this is a surety sign that he is indeed in love with.

He often compliments you

man and woman standing in front of louver door

If a guy can notice even a subtle change in your appearance and often complements you about that then it can be a sure sign that he is in love with you.

Every guy very well knows that girls like being complimented, noticing little little details is not easy only the one who really cares can do it.

He uses your name often in conversations

man and woman sitting on chair in restaurant

Now this is completely natural, guys don’t do this intentionally, and it’s a proven fact that people tends to take name of the person whom they like, more often instead of calling them with pronouns.

There are also some behavioural signs in the guy when he calls your name, though not possible in text messages, but you can observe him in-person, while calling your name if he smiles involuntary, or forgets why did he called you then this is a terrific sign that he likes you.

He always try to crack jokes with you

woman holding balloons

To make casual talk more interesting it is necessary to crack jokes, and not all your guy friend will do that you might have observed it, a few who really wanna make the conversations going and interesting will crack jokes, even if they aren’t good at it.

It’s a very common thing, if you have to choose between a serious guy and a humours one which one will you choose ? Ofcouse the latter, but there is one more important thing to notice, if the jokes are more towards relationship, so that he can automatically switch to question about your past relationships in a very smart way, then this is a sure sign that he is indeed interested in you.

He doesn’t lose chances to touch you

man in white crew neck t-shirt and woman in white t-shirt standing on beach

Ofcouse here we are talking about good touch, and it is perfectly fine untill it bothers you, and it’s also a psychological response, it happens most of the time involuntary.

Touch plays a very big role in attraction, a simple touch on the shoulder or head can distinguish between a friend and a secret admirer who likes you. You can also assist the person, if he smiles or blush during touching you then it means he is really very into the moment, he really likes you.

Touch also gives the girl a feeling of safety about the person, she feels confident in him, and it also helps in making a strong connection.

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