What type of guys you should stay away from ?

You will find plenty of options in the dating world, and for girls, naturally they have more possibilities than boys, it’s a fact, but then also I have seen many girls stuck with a boy of toxic behavior. It might be because of, most girls are more sensitive and emotional than boys that they believe anybody easily with fake kind nature and talk, toxic boys knows how to manipulate and woo girls easily.

That toxic mentality doesn’t come before relationship or in the dating phase, but it comes much after the commitment.

So you need not to worry here, we have prepared a list of psychological pre-toxic behaviour of guys that are not easy to catch, with which you can judge your partner in the few days of relationship and get out as soon as possible.

The Favor Seeker

man and woman holding hands on street

A good realtionship is based on mutual understandings and equal participations in all activities. The “favour seekers” are those who only give importance to their needs and periodically asks for favours, and when time comes for their part to play they always have some silly reasons for you.

They expects you to satisfy their needs as a servant, but girls also feel difficult to resist them, because of their sweet and calm addictive voice.

If your guy is just like the above its time to sort things out or get out of the relationship.

The Manipulator

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They can be compared to the character “Light Yagami” of Death note, these guys are very clever and tricky. They have master manipulator qualities, they can easily control you and your emotions, and can make you do things involuntary.

It’s not that easy to recognize them, because they execute so smartly that even the most attentive would fell into their trap.

But how can you know that your guy come into this category ? Now what you can do is to question you decisions, am I doing this because I really wanted to do it or just he made me feel like that, any small or big step you take just first ask yourself whether you are doing it in manipulation or not.

The extra possessive

man wearing black shir t

These personalities don’t treat you like a person but an object they think they own, they like controlling your life and each activities of your. They don’t respect your choices and always try to outstand you.

They will check your phone forcefully and if you resists then they plays the victim card, they will always be in a detective mood and tries to monitor your each day activities, these types of guys don’t like you talking to your male friends and will never leave you independent of your choices.

The Opportunist

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F**k boys need no introduction, they are the ones who should be avoided at any cost, but its not that easy though as some of them are master manipulators also.

But how can you know you are dating a f**k boy ? Well, some of them follows a specific pattern, like these boys don’t like dating, even they date they will choose some place close to their accomodation. They have little interest in knowing you, and shows physical advancement very fast, and if you resist they will stop and will try new approaches a little later.

These boys will only use you, they don’t date for the sake of dating, they just need the opportunity to play with the feeling of girls.

The Womanizer

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It’s natural for a person to feel attracted to opposite gender even if he is committed to you, but he should not let his feelings about other girls out to you, but if he does that and more often then its the time you talk to him directly about that.

It’s common any girl will feel bad if the boy praises random girls sexual appeal or compares you to them, a good relationship is based on love and mutual devotion.

The Master Liar

The most important part in a relationship is not love but trust, once the trust is developed there will love automatically. Living alone is far better than living with a man you can’t trust, these boys are professional liars and catching them lying is even more difficult.

These type of boys can sometimes be very dangerous, you are not safe with them because you never know in what type of situations they can put you in.

The Money boy

man sitting on black convertible coupe

These are the spoiled sons of rich fathers, they think money can buy and do anything in the world. They spend as much money as they want, because they know his parent will earn for him.

They just don’t care about love or relationship, they treat girls like just they treat their gold chains in neck, like a jewellery, and once the Jewellery become old or loses shine they just replace them.

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