7 Tips To Make Your First Date Awesome

So you finally found someone you like and is ready for the first date ? I can totally understand how nervous you might be right now, it’s natural it happens with all of us when love kicks in the huge shot of dopamine in our mind.

Dating, especially the first date is not so easy and the most trickiest. There are huge expectations, fears and confusions among the two, and just a small mistake can make your first date totally go awkward.

Keeping all of your fears in mind, we have come up with top 7 tips that you can use to make you first date a memory to remember.

Place Matters The Most

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Here I’m not talking about costly or cheap places, anything will work, but you have to make sure where ever you fixed the first date at, it should be a quite place with less people, but always choose a public place, it can be a life saver when you are out of talks, you can always talk something about the environment.

Cafés works the best, most of the successful date stories originated from a local café only. Other places include a public park, small museum, ice cream shop, or you can also go for a movie because you will always have something to talk about.

Keep Your Expectations In Your Pocket

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This is the mistake that most of the people do before going to the first date, they make huge lots of expectations, and when things don’t go according to them they just screw even the most perfect outcomes that can come later on.

When ever you go to your first date, go with an empty mind, no expectations or pre-assumptions, this will keep you calm and out of pressure.

More random the date is more is the chances for it to be a successful one.

Don’t Go Too Hard On Clothes

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You’re going on your first date not some random club party, wear the most simple cloths you can, don’t unnecessary give too much importance on deciding your attire otherwise you may just be buried under this pressure of choosing cloths the night before your date.

Make sure at last you need to look decent and presentable, both girl and boy like their partner to be attractive personality wise, cloths doesn’t play much greater role.

According to a survey done on around 1000 women, 40% of women find casual outfit more attractive for men in initial phase of dating, if talking more specific, blue denim and white t-shirt was the most attractive attire that women preferred in the survey for men.

Don’t Go For Too Personal Questions

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This is a very small mistake that most people do on their first date, running out of questions and due to nervousness they starts asking too personal questions, whom anyone may hesitate to answer, and this will at last create a awkward moment.

Never ask about about his/her past relationships, height or anything about sexual interest or sexual fantasies.

Try To Act Dumb

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You also know what type of dumb I am talking about, men like girls who acts dumb and funny at the same time, but if you aren’t of this personality, you can just fake it. I’m not saying to fake your entire personality, but sometimes we should acts according to the sitiation, and I can assure you that this this trick will certainly be very helpful on your first date.

One more advice, always keep a smile on your face whenever giving any made-up dumb answer.

Keep Your Phone Silent

woman in white coat holding silver iphone 6

This is something which I personally experienced, after tons of chatting and flirting with one of my college mate, nearly for 3 months over text, we decided to meet up in out college cafeteria, a mini date you can think of, but what really pissed me off was she she couldn’t stop checking her phone every couple of minutes, even though I liked her too much, I never thought of any further dates, she is just a friend now.

See when you are out with someone special, make them the first priority, continuously checking your phone can create a bad impression on the other person, he might think that your phone notification are more important than him.

Just put your phone silent and you are good to go.

Keep Your First Date Short

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Keeping the first date short ensures that you never “over share” about yourself, always keep the best for the last. Shorter dates are also cheaper, you can say it’s a kind behavior toward guys who thinks they should be the one paying.

It also increases your chances for a second date, like your favourite food, when your eat the first bite, you want it more, a good short first date leaves him/her wanting more and even more strongly because the curiosity doubles.

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