5 Easy Jobs That Pays Upto 1000$/month

There are lots of side hustle ideas that you can do along with your day job to make an extra 1000$/month. These sidekicks don’t even need any considerate amount of your time, you can do these side jobs any number of hours and at any time of the day.

Here we have discussed the top 5 awesome high-paying pieces of work, which you will not feel that you are doing it to earn money, it will be a funhouse for you, or you can say an amusement park, where you get paid after enjoying.

Become A Medium Writer

Medium is a micro-blogging site, which is not as popular as Quora but a better version of it, here you can write on any topic you want, unlike Quora where you answer specific questions.

You get paid according to the popularity of your articles or the number of likes you get on your content, likes on Medium is known as claps, there is a clap button after the end of the article, and if anybody claps for your content, a certain amount of money will be debited from his subscription amount and will be credited to you.

The money you can make on Medium is endless, it can go as high as 6000$, and that also you can earn it from a single piece of content.


Earlier Quora only used to pay through Quora Partner Program, which was an invite-only program, only selected people could become the member and earn though asking engaging questions.

Now Quora this month(Sept. 2021) introduced a totally new opportunity for writers, Quora plus platform, where Quora will be paying its writers through a small subscription from the people willing to pay for the Quora+ platform.

Earning opportunities are the same as Medium, as Quora is a bigger company with a good revenue model, earning a few hundred dollars couldn’t be a difficult task here. is an educational company based in Santa Clara, California. This company does that if you have expertise in any given subject list of, you can submit your application to them to become a member of their partner program.

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Per day you will be given certain questions to solve according to the subject you have chosen, you can answer any number of questions, will pay you to answer per question, quality of answers also matters.

They pay around 2-3$/ answers, and some bonus also that will depend. People are making 400-500$ easily here with only 2-3 hours of work, you should certainly try this method if you are a college student.

Cryptocurrency trader

A few years back mainly in 2010 crypto was not taken seriously, it was thought to be a long-term game, with little profit at the end, but crypto nowadays is totally a different thing. People are making huge profits with crypto every day and with only a little knowledge.

Hundred of apps are there for starting crypto trading, and the best part is you can start with as low as 1$ in your pocket, the most common and famous strategy people follow in crypto trading is the “buy and sell every day”.

Per day profit can lie between 10$ to 15$, you can easily make up to 300$/month.

Try event blogging

Now event blogging is much different than regular blogging, as the name suggests, blogging about a particular event or festival is known as event blogging.

Here everything is very specific, from domain name to each content on the blog. You have to start just 1.5-2 months before the actual event, to be prepared, because these blogs are short-lived, nobody will be searching for the best Christmas tree decorations in the month of February.

Don’t underestimate the power of event blogging, these blogs attract a humongous amount of traffic in a very short period of time, these blogs pay as much as 10x the regular blogs in a month.

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