7 Signs of A Trustworthy Boyfriend

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The first and the most important foundation of a successful relationship is trust, even love comes on the second number, if there is no trust then there can be no love and hence the relationship will eventually crumble down.

Trust is also a sign of maturity, sometimes it is hard to find in premature stages of dating, but there are some early signs that guys give in the initial dating phase that confirms he’s a trustworthy person.

We have come up with 7 such subtle signs of a trustworthy boyfriend.

He always makes eye contact while talking to you

Now eyes have some beautiful powers, they reveal a lot in a very short time, emotional information cannot be hidden from the eyes.

If he always makes eye contact while talking to you then it is a sign of trustworthiness, making eye contact is also a clue of truthfulness, because the person has nothing to hide.

Now there can be confusion, a shy guy will also hesitate to make eye contact in early dating, it’s natural 60% of guys are like that, but it doesn’t mean he is not trustworthy, for that you need to read the remaining points below.

He will not be shocked or hesitate if you ask for his phone

Nowadays smartphones know more secrets and information about anybody than the person himself, screenshots, messages, search history, etc. can completely reveal the personality of the person.

If he behaves cool whenever you ask for his phone randomly, then it means he has nothing to hide from you and he also mutually trusts you with his phone.

But if he behaves nervous or restless on asking for his phone then it is sure he has something in his phone that he doesn’t want you to see, but then also this behavior is acceptable, try to switch the places. So it can’t be said 100% that the guy you are dating is not trustworthy if he doesn’t let you see his phone, but certainties are always there.

He is not over possessive about you

If he never oversteps the boundaries or is over possessive about you, then he is the one you can have trust in.

Over possessive boyfriend will always stop you from socializing and making male friends, he will always try to keep a check on you and will have silly reasons to look into your phone.

Relationship with over-possessive guys can be a very hectic and depressive job, if he is crossing the boundaries then he is not the one you can have trust on.

He is open with his feelings

Guys are very shy when it comes to sharing their emotions because often guys are not encouraged to let their feelings out. But if your boyfriend is just the opposite and shares each and every one of his thoughts and emotions with you, then it means he feels truly connected with you.

These guys who are open about their emotions with you are the ones, whom you can have trust on. It’s highly unlikely that they will ever betray you.

He doesn’t make fake promises

Trustworthy guys never make fake promises unless they are sure that they will 100% fulfill them. On the other hand, fake guys will always try to keep promises even though if they know that they will never be able to deliver onto it, they do this only for your instant gratification, and at last, they will try to come up will excuses for not fulfilling their promises, because they don’t have trust and betrayal in their definition of relationship.

He doesn’t ignore your family

When your relationship is new, you really don’t know much about the person you are dating, he can be a good person but there are possibilities that you might be dating a total jerk.

In love it is very difficult to judge the other person, so thatswhy family here plays a very vital role, family is a protective shield, your parents will always be skeptical about the guy you dating and will try to know more about him.

A trustworthy guy will never ignore your family or friends, he will behave completely normally whenever you ask him to meet your parents.

His personality is authentic

People often try to fake personalities in order to get a date with their crush, this sometimes seems normal, might be because everything is fair in love and war, but eventually, this faking personality will create a mess at the last, one or other day he gonna display his real face.

But if you see no change in your boyfriend’s behavior since the first time you went date with him then you are dating an authentic guy, and being authentic is very important for the person to be trustful.

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