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7 Tips On How To Save Money While Traveling.

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Whenever you plan a trip in your country or abroad, one thing must have come to your mind, that how can I save money as much as possible on my trip.

Finding ways to save money that does not alter your travel experience can be a tough job, because at last if you didn’t enjoy your trip then saving that money is of no use.

So we have come with 7 such hacks that will help you saving money without causing any enjoyment trouble in your travel journey.

Stay At Hostels Instead Of Hotels

Local hostels or guest houses are super affordable as compared to private hotel rooms, you can easily save up to 70% of your money by taking accommodation in a hostel.

The best part is every accommodation out there is on Google reviews, you can always check before the rating, facilities offer, and compare the price before checking in any hostel or guest houses, I can assure you with this method you will always land up in a better cheap place.

Travel Off-Season

Travelling off-season is not a good choice in general, I will only recommend you to travel off-season when you are really tight on money.

In most places, the off-season is mostly hot and rainy, and the climate can really spoil your mood while travelling.

So until you really wanna travel very cheap don’t go off-season.

Keep Track Of Where You Eating

Everybody likes food and when people come to visit some distant place, then one thing they definitely want to do, that is trying the different dishes of the places.

This is one of the most important parts if you wanna do budget travel, food and drinks can at last add too much to your spendings if you are not careful enough.

Always try to avoid tourist place’s food because the food at tourist places is mostly overpriced and you can get the same meal for a cheaper price at some other place.

Travel Somewhere Cheap

If you are travelling on a budget then the location matters the most, like western countries are more expensive if compared to the Asian ones, but it doesn’t mean that if a country is cheap then you will not enjoy yourself there, I have already written an article on top 5 cheapest countries to visit in 2021.

Make Your Own Coffee

Coffee is something that you will drink every day, there are some people who can’t even just get off their bed without a cup of coffee.

What you do most of the time is order the coffee from the outside like Starbucks, which can cost you as much as 4$, and that too if you only drink once a day. So if your travelling journey is 2 weeks long then you will be spending anything around 90-100$ only on coffee.

The solution to this is to make your coffee, there are various portable espresso makers on amazon one which I have linked below.

Travel Overnight

When you are travelling long distances then travelling overnight will be the best choice for you, you will be saving a heack lot of money.

When you travel overnight you save your cost of accommodation for that particular night and also you saves day time so that you can explore more in the day.

Avoiding Higher Exchange Rates

You will find many exchange centres in a city that will be charging a considirate amount of exchange rates, just don’t go there.

You can always search on the Google for some good places where you can get you get local currency for a low exchange fees.

With this method you will be saving around 3-4 % on your currency.

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