7 Tips To Look Pretty All The Time

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There were times when I used to come from work and see myself in the mirror and become sad about my looks. Maybe you can say that I had some inferiority complex, I often used to compare my looks with others and at last feel bad about how I look.

But as I started interacting with people I came to know it’s completely normal, and about 90% of people are like this, so in an actual sense, you never need to compare yourself with others, you are one of a kind and beautiful.

But what really matters is the inner confidence, which usually doesn’t come on its own, you need to invest some time in giving a perfect makeover to yourself that will help you to boost your confidence and make you feel more positive about yourself.

We have come up with 7 such tips on how to look pretty all the time.

Have Plenty Of Sleep

In everyday stressful life, people forget one very important thing, which is sleep. Not having enough sleep every day can really increase the levels of toxins and stress hormones like cortisol in your bloodstream.

You won’t believe that these stress hormones can really affect your skin, it causes the skin to lose shine and makes it dull, like it’s easy to tell by the face of the person if he is under stress.

Always try to have plenty of sleep to balance hormones in your body and get that shine.

Always Smell Good

You might have always noticed that some women always smell good throughout the day, and a good fragrance is always associated with attractive people.

These good smelling women follow certain habits throughout the day on a regular basis, and the fragrance actually has nothing to do with the perfume you use, if perfume alone would have done the task then there is nothing to say much but no there are some secret hacks to this, which I have already written an article on, 10 Habits Of Women Who Always Smell Good.

Take Care Of Your Hair

Hair health plays a very vital role in looking pretty; healthy, shiny, and thick-styled hair doubtlessly makes you cuter.

I am not advising you to take any costly hair treatment in the salon or do any change with your natural hair, our goal is to only make our hair look more natural and fresh and that can be done easily following certain daily habits, I have already written an article on this, How to make your hair healthy ?

Give A Little Time To Your Lips

Your lips are the most delicate part of your body and the most attractive ones, they should be taken proper care of because cracked and harsh lips can make a very beautiful face look dull and unattractive.

Clean your lips twice a day but do it gently, you can use a soft brush, and for a good hack you can use your toothpaste to scrub your lips, it will save you a lot of money than using those costly products available in the market and toothpaste also works the same way.

Exercise Regularly

Exercise is not only helpful in getting the body in shape and losing fat, but also in improving total blood circulation in your whole body.

The glow of oxygen-rich skin is very different from normal skin, a very good example is you can look at gym people, you will always find them attractive.

See I am not saying to join a gym, you can also practice some very simple Yoga at home, Yoga really helps in enhancing blood circulation. You can refer my this article.

Eat Healthily

If you think that only just applying makeup from outside will make you look pretty then you are wrong, and also you apply makeup only when you are going out.

Makeup will never make you look pretty naturally, and once you wash off the makeup the real you will come out.

So if you really wanna look attractive and pretty all the time the one you will have to change is your lifestyle and eating habits, try to eat moderate carbs and more green leafy vegetables, the best thing you can do is switch to a keto diet, the keto diet is not only helpful in weight loss but overall also it is very good for the entire body, I have written an article here for introductory keto foods.

Wear Actual Size Ironed Clothes

Clothes play a very important role if you really wanna look presentive and attractive, you should always wear clothes of appropriate size that can resonate with your body, not wearing rightly fitted clothes will only make you look older.

And always remember to iron your clothes before wearing them, iron not only removes wrinkles from the clothes but also makes them look fresher and pretty.

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