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5 Ways To Explode Your Blog Traffic

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Seeing fancy income reports of bloggers I started blogging, I used to think that you just need to buy your domain and hosting, publish 10-15 articles, and bam dollars and only dollars.

But my dreams were totally shattered in just one month of blogging, I have plenty of articles on my blog but there was no one to read.

As a new blogger getting viewers to your blog can be a very tough job, and mastering Google SEO takes a great amount of time which is no less than 6 months.

But there are always some ways which you can use to get 200-300 views per day on your new blog, and I personally have used these tricks and got some good results.


Keeping Pinterest on number 1 is of no surprise, it is the best tool available there for bloggers, Pinterest has been an integral part of many successful blog stories. If you really wanna grow your blog in less period of time then Pinterest is the best platform for you.

There are various Pinterest strategies ebook available online, you can go with any ebook to learn basic of Pinterest, almost all ebook contains the same content so don’t go with any expensive book affiliated by any blogger, start with whatever low-cost resources you can get.

Google Questions Hub

This is one of the greatest tools of Google for bloggers, till now I haven’t seen any other blog post telling about the powers of Google Questions Hub, very few people know about this awesome platform of Google.

Here you just need to make an account and submit your blog post links on the relative questions asked on the Google search engine.

You can also search-related questions accordingly and submit your links or can get an idea of what questions people are searching for and write your blog post about it to get organic traffic.


Quora is another great tool out there for bloggers, as there are monthly 500 million active users on Quora, and if you use Quora wisely then it is no less tool than Pinterest.

You need to find relevant questions according to your blog post and write a good engaging, answer and add your blog post link at the last, the best part here is your answer need not to be long, even short 100 words interesting get thousands of views and hundreds of clicks to the link.

Heading Is The King

You might have heard all the time from everyone that “content is the king” but my philosophy is a little bit different, content is not the king but the queen, real king is your blog post title.

Like for example take Youtube Videos, you only click on those videos whose image or title excites you, same happen here in blogging your content is the secondary thing no matter how good you write, if your title is not click-worthy then all of your hard work on content will go waste.

There are various headline analyzer tools available out there to help to create better headlines like:

Use Google Trends

Google trends is also a product of Google, this tool analyses search queries made to Google from various locations and languages, it is one of the best free tool to do research on the things that are trending on Google.

As Google trends also show how much any keyword is trending in any country you can also use this feature to target the countries with high CPC and CPM rates.

This is a very smart and absolutely free type of keyword research tool you will be saving a heck lot of money as compared to using professional keywords research tools like Ahrefs.

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