is infatuation love

Is infatuation love ?

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Infatuation is a very foolish or strong feeling of love for someone or something, that is 90% of the time based on outer looks. It is very difficult to tell the difference between infatuation and love. That is why, is infatuation love the most searched query among later teenagers.

But there are always some psychological ways to tell whether you are infatuated towards someone or its true love or you are in love with the wrong person.

Here in this post, we will be discussing what really is infatuation, how it is different than love, and how to get out of it, if you are stuck in the endless circles of infatuations.

Is infatuation love

What does infatuation means, is infatuation love ?

Let’s be a little practical, has it ever happened that you ever saw a girl or a boy for the first time and at that very moment you got a voice from inside that this person is made just for you.

Even though you might not know his/her name then also you feel connected to him/her just from one glimpse.

You think about them 24*7 without caring that they don’t even know whether you exist or not.

Yes, you are right, infatuation is no less than one-sided secret love, which 90% of the time results in resentment.

Is infatutaion love ?

To understand the difference between infatuation and love, we first have to define what really is love ?

Love in practice is a very complex thing, it is a set of mutual emotions, attraction, affection, and trust.

In a more technical way, infatuation is the superset and love is a subset of infatuation.

This means all that infatuations are not love, but some infatuations can be love.

See connections are not made in heaven, it’s a lie, all that serious relationships must have started from the infatuations of the single partner.

So the advice I give is that, if you have infatuations with someone of your close, means I’m not talking about any random person. That someone can be from your college, workspace, etc, try to give yourself a chance and talk to that person.

The worst that can happen is, you will be friend-zoned, but it’s completely fine.

At last, you will never regret not trying.

Infatuation vs love

Now as I have discussed above, all infatuations do not fall in the category of pure feeling of love.

Love is a very intense feeling of affection, which takes time to develop for someone.

Whereas infatuation is also an intense feeling of fondness for someone which is instant and is very short-lived. Infatuation is mostly based upon the looks of the person, which means outer beauty.

Love is all about accepting the imperfections of your partner, but in infatuation, one only sees the perfections of the other.

Love is something that is always strengthened by time but infatuations in most cases are weakened by time.

Infatuation is just like a dream, when you wake up it’s all gone, but love is the true reality which just feels like dream.

How to get out of unwanted infatuations ?

Unwanted infatuation can sometimes be very distracting.

These feelings of infatuation can roam in your head for 24 hours and can greatly impact your everyday life.

And sometimes due to the chemical implications on the brain, these feelings can also make your life depressive and unstable.

So we have prepared a list of 5 psychological hacks to get you out of the unwanted feelings of infatuations.

1. Write down their flaws

During infatuations, we just make us feel the other person flawless and glamorize their outer beauty.

Due to this romanticizing, we get endless shorts of domapine hits in the brain, which makes the feeling more intense.

Therefore always try to pen down the negative qualities of your crush and just think about them, this will help you trick your brain to stop thinking about them.

2. Avoid listening to music while infatuating

Music works as a medicine, but only when taken on time. While you listen to your favorite music while infatuating about your crush then your subconscious makes your feelings even stronger.

You keep getting stuck in infatuations’ endless loop.

Quit listening to romantic music while thinking about your crush.

3. Join gym

To get rid of unwanted thoughts you need to keep yourself busy, and joining a gym will be the best thing to do.

If you don’t have enough time or money you can also go running, it will also make your body enough tired that you will have no energy to think about him/her.

4. Accept the reality

Now, this can be a little bit harsh but will surely will help you.

Infatuation is based on outer looks, means it happens only for an extremely good looking person.

Here you have to accept the reality that there will be always someone more handsome or beautiful than you who will steal your crush whom you infatuating.

It’s a harsh truth of life most people don’t get what they really want.

5. Talk to them

Now, this is the most straightforward thing, the answer will be either yes or a no.

You just directly talk to the person you are having feelings for, I am not talking about anybody randomly, but the one who also knows you.

And I’m not also saying to confess your feelings directly because real word relationships doesn’t work like that.

Give it some time to make friendship first and slowly progress.

In this ample amount of time you will also get a hint, if he/she is interested in you, then carry on as you like.

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