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10 secret signs he is not interested in you anymore

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Boys don’t know how to hide their feelings like girls. It’s very easy to read a boy’s mind through his changed behavior. It is very easy to catch their signs if he is not interested in you anymore.

And in most of the cases boys aren’t the ones to do the breakup first, they tend to leave it on you so that he can put all the blame on for the breakup.

But you need to understand, it’s better to know early signs of him not being interested in you anymore, and leave the suffocating relationship.

Because him being pretending to love you will only look good in the present time but in the future, it will only convert into a toxic relationship.

10 secret signs he is not interested in you anymore

You can feel he is not into you

Your feelings will tell if your partner is losing interest in you.

There will be a sudden change in his behavior, or he will show no interest in things that were interesting for him in the past.

You can also feel him being less romantic and often ignoring you making silly excuses.

He likes spending time with other women

If you have seen him with other girls enjoying the things that he gets bored doing with you then this is a sure sign he is not interested in you anymore.

One of the things is cracking jokes to make the other girls laugh.

He doesn’t look at you while talking

Eyes reveal a lot about a person.

If he does not make eye contact while talking to you it generally means he’s just not interested.

Making no eye contact is an indirect way to avoid you.

He doesn’t show protective instincts anymore

Guys naturally have more protective instincts for their partners.

If you are valuable and carry worth for him then he will always show overprotective and carrying behavior towards you.

Calling you multiple times if you’re late for home even for a minute.

But if he had stopped showing these behaviors then it generally means he doesn’t care for you anymore.

He doesn’t initiate conversations anymore

If you are the one always reaching out to him and initiating conversation then it’s not a good sign.

If a man is really into you even then he will find time for you from his busy schedule.

But if he is not, then it is a huge sign that he is losing interest.

He doesn’t react when you are talking to other guys

Most men are very possessive by nature, they really don’t like anybody flirting with their partner.

But if your man doesn’t give any reaction when you are talking to other boys even after when with you alone then surely he doesn’t bother about that which is not a good sign.

He doesn’t flirt with you anymore

Have you noticed any change in flirting behavior of your boyfriend ?

What he used to do before don’t do now, like being more physical, kissing you or holding hands occasionally.

This lack of intimicay is a big sign that he is not interested in you anymore.

He is not interested in your life anymore

A guy who is really in love with you will always try to know more and more about your life.

If you have noticed that he now expresses no interest about what is going on in your life then its a big red flag.

He keeps forgetting special events

If he forgets events such as you birthday, annivarsy, valentines day or other special events in both of you lives then its not a good sign.

Or if he do remember the event but still they do not keep any special plan then it generally means he does not like spending those events with you anymore.

He is always being rude with his words

If he is always using harsh words on you and does not care about hurting you then it generally means he is not concerned about your feelings.

He doesn’t even think twice about speaking those words that may hurt you, and he does that intentionally.

If this is the case then its time to end the relationship because he doesn’t like you anymore.

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