Healthy chaat recipes: Hight protein Chaat recipes for Weight loss

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Mouthwatering Indian chaats have always been a first choice of people as a outside food. Spicy, tangy, or salty flavor, is what makes the chaat so desirable to eat. But most of the ingredients used in chaats are not very good for health, spicy chutneys, excessive tamarind paste, etc. are not very healthy when eaten on a regular basis. Here we will discuss top 5 chaats recipes that are as mouthwatering as the traditional chaats and are so healthy and rich in protein that they can be eaten on a daily basis.

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1. Black channa chaat

Boil the black channa in the pressure cooker (4-5 whistles), hot some oil in the frying pan and fry finely chopped onion and tomatoes in it (use onion tomato accordingly to your need), add salt and some spices whichever you like, then put the boiled channas into the pan and fry them for 3-4 minutes, switchoff the flame and at last put some chaat masala on the top. Serve with some pudina leaves.

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2. Mixed sprouts chaat

Mix together sprouts, raw tomatoes, raw onions, and spices which ever you like to be in your chaat. Don’t forget to sprinkle black pepper and black salt in the last. Squeeze a lemon on the top and finish the recipie. Sprouts are very healthy and high in protein, this chaat is a must include in everyday morning. It also helps curing constipation.

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3. Fruit chaat

Fruits are a very good source of vitamins and minerals, some fruits are rich in fibers which helps in curing various bowel related issues. Fruit chaat is the easiest to make, mix some chipped kiwis, bananas, papaya, apple, etc. whatever other fruits you like in a bowl, sprinkle chaat masala on it, and you are ready to go.

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4. Chole chaat

Chickpeas help in weight loss, they are rich in protein and fiber, both of which aid weight loss. To make Chole Chaat, prepare the chole as done in the dish chole-bhature, take the hot chole in a bowl and put some raw finely chopped onion and tomatoes on the top, at last sprinkle some pepper powder and serve with pudina leaves on the top.

5. Oats chaat

Dry roast the Oats in a pan in a low flame for around 5-6 minutes. In another bowl, add yogurt and then add chaat masala, pepper powder and little black salt, mix the mixture well. Then add the roasted oats in the bowl and then add chopped onion and tomato, and it’s ready to eat.

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