Sadabahar(Periwinkle) for Diabetes: Benefits, Dosages and Precautions

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Sadabahar also known as Madagascar Periwinkle with botanical name Catharanthus roseus is a ever-blooming flower native to Madagascar Island but found everywhere in the word, used as a medicinal plant since a lot of years in Indian Ayurveda to treat Diabetes.

It is also capable to treat other conditions like high blood pressure, cardiac problems, cognitive problems etc.

Various benefits of sadabahar

Regulates Diabetes

Sadabahar is been used as a anti-diabetic since a lot of years in Ayurveda. Its hypoglycemic properties helps in controlling elevating blood sugar levels.

It’s helps in recovery of beta cells of pancreas that produces insulin (hormone that regulates diabetes).

Sadabahar also helps in reduction of breakdown of fats into glucose which in turn leads to low blood sugar.

Improves respiratory system

Sadabahar has proven benefits for respiratory system, asthma, bronchitis, cold, cough etc. various other conditions can be improved with right dosages of Sadabahar.

Manages blood pressure and hypertension

Sadabahar helps in improving heart conditions, which in turn leads to better blood circulation in the body and normalizes blood pressure.

Sadabahar’s beautiful petals are excellent in treating mild hypertension by regulating various bodily functions by.

Makes skin healthy

Sadabahar is excellent in treating various skin signs of aging like wrinkles, dark circles, dark spots etc. and it also treats pimples, acnes, sun tanning.

Sadabahar helps in keeping the skin healthy, active and brings a natural glow to it.

Works as a brain tonic

Sadabahar improves various cognitive abilities like memory, reasoning, concentration, focus, calmness etc.

Its ability to improve blood circulations in the body ensures proper pumping of blood in the cognitive areas which helps in better brain abilities.


It can be consumed in the following ways :

  • Take 4-5 petals of Sadabahar plant and chew it directly throughout the day.
  • Dry Sadabahar leaves and grind it in a container, take 1 tps. of leave power and mix it in a glass of water drink the mixture empty stomach in the morning.
  • You can also make the Indian Kadha of 4-5 leaves and petals of Sadabhar and drink it early morning empty stomach.


Although being a Ayurvedic plant Sadabahar have little or no side-effects but people may develop acute constipation, upset stomach, alter blood pressure etc.

It is always recommended to use this plant under the consultation of a practitioner or a Ayurvedic doctor.

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